We’re your strategic partner in the sphere of IT development, innovation and tailor-made solutions.

We help our clients achieve better results, for instance by making innovations to their processes, designing new products, or increasing the efficiency of their business services.
Our know-how in the sphere of IT is simply a means to an end.



ARICOMA Group acquires Musala Softhttps://cleverlance.com/en/news/Pages/Musala-Soft.aspxARICOMA Group acquires Musala SoftARICOMA Group and Musala Soft announce a deal for the acquisition of Musala Soft. ARICOMA Group, part of KKCG is a fast-growing European NextGen IT services provider. This investment is another key step in ARICOMA’s strategic development.


We believe in creativity.
Drawing on which we’ll help you achieve success.

We create innovative tools that support online sales and services, including the development of mobile apps. We pay special attention to the user interface. We try to exploit the potential of an experiential method of selling our clients’ products.

1 milion
of clients of Komerční banka use mobile banking from Cleverlance.
8 virtual operators
We played a pivotal role in the creation of eight virtual operators.
10 countries
Konica Minolta uses a business portal from Cleverlance in ten countries.
When people know exactly what to do, when and how to do it, they can cut your logistical costs by up to a third.
1,5 milion
More than 1,5 milion users have installed the MyŠkoda app.

We couldn’t manage it
without our specialists.
There are more than 900 of us and that number is rising all the time.

We have an outstanding team.

We supply our clients with IT technology. However, people and their competencies, professionalism and drive for self-improvement represent our most important capital. Our people are go-getting. They are specialists with ideas and the commitment needed to realise them. For them, complexity represents an opportunity and not a problem.

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