​​Mobile solutions

Without doubt mobile development is the current hot trend in the IT world. All applications and related services are transferred to the smart mobile devices of your customers, employees and partners. Our mobile team will help you carry this out.


Innovation, creativity and our approach

Imagine an application. We’ll create it.

It’s accepted practice to meet customer requirements. With our innovative approach we take this a step further, so as to surprise our clients and offer them useful solutions that make sense.

Optimal UX de​sign

We increase the satisfaction of end users by designing intuitive and intelligible application interfaces by researching and identifying customer requirements.

Experiences are valuable

Our highly qualified, motivated team will make your application perfect. Try us out!


We deliver agile projects using SCRUM

We’re convinced that SCRUM is the most suitable and effective form of delivery for this type of project. The characteristics of the SCRUM method include the following:

  • a focus on the resulting software product, its quality and usefulness,
  • the delivery of software in short iterations (or “sprints”), which allows for the identification and resolution of problems right at the start of a project,
  • close cooperation between the supplier and the customer; the customer is given regular demos of the product under development
  • ongoing clarification of requirements; this means the product doesn’t have to be specified to the last detail right from the start. On the contrary, the client can change the direction development of the product is taking even during the course of realisation, and this means they can respond flexibly and dynamically to market developments.

Our team

The Cleverlance mobile team is a group of young people dedicated to delivering the best apps and living with them every day. All our team members experiment with new technologies on a daily basis and are always finding new ways of using them.

We are not just product managers, developers, testers and analysts. We are a team, which shares knowledge, is hungry for challenges and new opportunities, and hunts down the latest gadgets and other cool features for our clients. We don’t only work with standard operating systems such as iOS, Android and WP. We like to experiment and create apps for Google Glass, SmartWatches, BLE devices, iBeacon technologies, and any other smart gadget available, so as to ensure that all our clients will be one step ahead of their competitors in the sphere of new technology. We’ve already developed an app for the brand new FireFox OS.