Cleverbus 2.3. enables nonstop operation

CleverBus integration platform acts as an intermediary for interchange of information between ICT systems. It enables them to communicate between each other via messages and requirements, reliably and in real-time, and it is famous for its smart approach to solving problems. Today, it brings new functionalities in its Enterprise version, and in the days to come, also in the Community Edition that is licensed as an Open Source on GitHub.


   The most important functionality of CleverBus 2.3.0 EE is definitely the possibility to launch new versions of systems and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) implementations of services during operation hours. Also, an interruption of operation for some external systems not operated with high availability can be newly planned. ”These functionalities are enabled thanks to the evidence of ESB configuration in the database and the related horizontal scalability, i.e. parallel run of more application ESB nodes at the same time.” revealed Michal Červinka, Manager of CleverBus development and he also outlined the plans for the autumn release: “We work on the more extensive support of business processes in the future, separation of the web user interface from the ESB itself and the related innovations concerning the bulk actions with messages and administration of users and their roles.”


The new version of CleverBus has been already implemented for the first time: thanks to the uninterrupted operation of the whole integration platform you can use for example Sazka Mobil company services any time – day, or night.

Also the Community Edition published with an Open Source Licence will be getting new functionalities. It will enable you to define interruptions of operation for external system in version 2.1.0. In this version it will be also possible to set the maximum load conditions for the given external system, service, and operation and a notifications functionality in monitoring will be also modified.

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