TrustPort Threat Intelligence changes to GreyCortex Mendel

​A new vendor in advanced IT security, GreyCortex company, was established in Brno this May. The company was founded by the product team that, until recently, was developing product Threat Intelligence for TrustPort company.

The product that is now sold under a brand name GreyCortex Mendel, is used for analysis and forensic monitoring of network operation. Its target market are middle-sized and big companies. Thanks to this product, they will get an autonomous system for identification of security and operation threats with a quick response in case any such threats are detected. Detailed and concurrently intuitive tool for company network administration is also part of the solution.

GreaCortex company bought the technology and the relevant product rights from the TrustPort company that is part of the Cleverlance Group. Further development of the product in GreyCortex company is secured thanks to an investment made by a Y Soft Ventures fund specializing in supporting development of technology companies in Central Europe.

Nothing changes for our current customers. AEC continues to be their business partner and a support provider. Moreover, we believe that moving the product into a separate company, as well as the partnership with Y Soft will create favorable conditions and we will bring more and more high quality and advanced solutions to our recent and future customers,” said Tomáš Strýček, AEC managing director.

“We are very pleased that AEC remains to be our primary distributor in the Czech and Slovak Republic. We appreciate very much their long-term experience with the GreyCortex Mendel product and the trust of their current customers,” said Petr Chaloupka, GreyCortex managing director, who, apart from other companies, held top management positions in Comguard, AVG, and Konica Minolta companies.

About Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions, a. s.

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