Cleverlance is organising a series of high-level training courses

One of the main pillars on which Cleverlance’s success is founded is its in-depth knowledge of information technology. We place a high premium on the fact that our employees have extensive experience in their sphere and we are happy to share this experience by means of training and specialist workshops, both internal and now also external.

Our aim is to share and advance knowhow in the sphere of ICT and to initiate a specialised discussion. Our instructors teach what they use in their own work. As a result we offer training in various different spheres – programming languages and frameworks, analysis and software testing, UX, etc. We place great emphasis on hands-on experience and the training is supplemented by case studies involving real projects.

We offer several types of training options, from evening classes for busy professionals and one-day intensive training, to a week-long academy intended for those who are beginning their career, for instance in the sphere of testing or development in JAVA. This new concept of training follows up the activities of the Cleverlance Education Centre, which in the past was attended by more than 500 students a year.


It gives me great pleasure that we have managed to continue a tradition stretching back many years providing training and making it possible for our specialists to share their experience, not only with colleagues but the specialist public, including students. The ever increasing numbers of visitors confirms that we offer attractive topics and that course participants are genuinely interested in how we do things here at Cleverlance,” says Monika Bajerová, head of the training centre.

Most of the communication regarding training that is being planned or already underway takes place on social networks. Anyone interested can apply directly for individual courses on the Cleverlance Facebook page. This brings us closer to applicants and provides us with a host of valuable ideas for future courses.

About Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions, a. s.

Cleverlance is the leading Czech supplier of IT consultancy services and comprehensive SW solutions for the financial, telecommunications and public sector. The company’s main offer is support for clients’ business processes and new services thanks to the effective implementation of SW solutions. The Cleverlance team comprises more than 400 specialists with knowledge in the spheres of business consultation and analysis, the design, development and implementation of information systems, project management, testing and QA, information security, technical support, and the comprehensive outsourcing of information systems. The affiliates TrustPort and AEC expand the portfolio by services in the sphere of information systems security and top-end security products, and CTS in the sphere of investment banking.

More information about the Cleverlance Group is available at: www.cleverlance.com.

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