Cleverlance developed a brand new mobile banking for Komerční banka

Cleverlance created a new generation of the popular mobile banking application "Mobilní banka". Customers of Komerční banka are able to manage their finances in a more secure and comfortable way thanks to several new functionalities, as well as to an improved user interface.

New application brings the customers of Komeční banka a comprehensive package of functionalities, which they are used to have from the internet banking, and adds some more on top. All this packed in an attractive design with intuitive control that respects the conventions of the platform used. Actually, development on Android and on iOS was done separately, in order to maximize optimization of possibilities offered by both operation systems. This significantly simplified performance of common banking operations. In case of a payment transfer, the speed of entering increased by almost two thirds.

The main innovation arriving with the new mobile banking is undoubtedly the possibility to execute contactless payment via mobile phone – MojeMobilní card. Mobile phone payment is based on the same technology as the contactless card payment, and therefore it is possible to pay this way on all existing contactless terminals, i.e. on more than 70% from all terminals in the Czech Republic. This feature is available to customers of Komerční banka with Mobilní banka application installed on devices with operation system Android, version 4.4 KitKat or higher, and NFC technology.

Komerční banka is closely monitoring and applying the latest innovation in on-line banking. We are confident that contactless payments via mobile phone are the next logical and evolutionary step in cashless transactions, and that they will become popular among the Czech customers quickly,” said Petr Kovář, Mobile Banking Development Specialist from Komerční banka. As he further mentioned: “Our solution is different from the one already available on the market. Due to implementation of payment functionality directly within the Mobilní banka application, our customers get the possibility to manage their payment card in their mobile phone. For example, they can define the amount which, if reached, requires a PIN to be entered at the merchant when paying by a mobile card. Thus, they can determine their own borderline between comfort and security.”



In order to tailor the features as much as possible to the needs of customers of Komerční banka, we involved them in the new mobile banking creation process. Thus, we know of the importance of account balance for them, and thus we made it possible for every customer to place it on his/her mobile phone home screen, including the option of simple encoding.
The new feature means that all products are concentrated on one screen now. Administration of standing orders and direct debiting has been added, which you may of course perform also by QR code scanning. There is also an overview of not executed payments and an option to enter Express SEPA payments and domestic payments within the Czech Republic. Overview and administration of payment cards is included – limits modification, permission and blocking of on-line payments, as well as possibility to change the phone number for the card.
Information on products of Komerční banka subsidiaries are also useful - savings with Modrá pyramida and life insurance from Komerční pojišťovna. You may also schedule an appointment with your Representative. Just select a convenient date and simply save it. You will see the appointment in your calendar.
Customers that are already using Mobilní Banka application will get an automatic upgrade to the new application. They will be able to sign in with their original password.
We are happy that we could accommodate the customers of Komerční banka and to give them a number of new functionalities that will help them to manage their finances via mobile phone, and currently also via tablet,” stated Magdaléna Janíková, Project Manager from Cleverlance, “in November, the new mobile banking from Komerční banka should be also available on devices running on Windows platform.”

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