Tomáš Strýček becomes a Cleverlance Group Partner

​Tomáš Strýček has met the demanding criteria of Partnership in the Cleverlance Group and become a partner. He has demonstrated amply his quality in the sphere of IT security and has worked tirelessly at the subsidiary AEC, presiding over a significant increase in the value of the unit assigned him.

After graduating from university in 2001 Tomáš joined KPMG, where he worked with security technology and IS penetration tests. In 2004 he began working as an IT security consultant at AEC, helping to develop the Security Services Department. He later became manager of this emerging team. From 2008, when AEC was taken over by Cleverlance, he managed the IT Security Division and finally became CEO of AEC.

Under Tomáš’s management, over the last five years AEC has expanded its portfolio of services considerably. It has boosted the sphere of IT Security and Information Risk Management services. AEC is the leading supplier of services and products in the information security sphere for banks, insurance companies, telecoms and industrial firms in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The firm has become a supplier abroad by acquiring global contracts in international financial groups. Credit for these successes must go to the outstanding security experts at AEC, the number of which is increasing every year, with both experienced specialists and promising students from university incubators being taken on board. The company offers its customers not only technical innovations but comprehensive solutions adapted to their individual requirements.

Tomáš Strýček has demonstrated that he is able to transform his bold visions into a strategic plan that he then implements. Under his management AEC has become an important player in the sphere of IT security. It gives us enormous pleasure to welcome him on board the Cleverlance Group as a partner,” said Jiří Bíba, CEO at the Cleverlance Group.

“We opted for the concept of Partnership as a method with huge potential for developing our group. It is of benefit to both parties and offers opportunities for the full utilisation of the creative potential of capable people. We not only capitalise on the creative approach of our employees but are open to cooperation with people from outside the company,” said Vít Urbanec, CFO, the Cleverlance Group.

The concept of Partnership in the Cleverlance Group

The Cleverlance Group supports the development of innovative ideas and offers a unique opportunity for self-realisation to current and future employees. The basis is a strong sales and product vision in the sphere of IT that is compatible with the Cleverlance Group product portfolio. A candidate for partner must meet the demanding criteria of a partnership contract that involve the creation or significant expansion of business in one of the new sphere s of IT. Subsequently, after meeting certain conditions, they can acquire a stake in a Cleverlance Group subsidiary.
Recently, similar successes to that of Tomáš Strýček were notched up by Tomáš Gavlas and Tomáš Matějka, who developed the sphere of IT solutions covering capital market trading and now lead the independent subsidiary
CTS Trade IT.

About AEC

Since being established in 1991, AEC has been an important Czech provider of software and services for data security and antivirus protection. Dozens of experienced IT professionals work in the firm’s branches in Brno, Prague and Bratislava, who are prepared at a moment’s notice to help customers overcome the security pitfalls that they are encountering more and more frequently in the world of information technology. AEC’s wide range of information security services includes risk analysis, penetration tests, business continuity management, the implementation of IT security processes and technology, security documentation procedures, and other specialised services. The company also offers the security software of leading global companies, e.g. F5, RSA, McAfee, Websense, Tenable, Invea-Tech, Kaspersky, Eset, AVG, TrendMicro and TrustPort. Since 2008 AEC has been a member of the Cleverlance Group. This makes it part of an important Czech group of suppliers of IT consultation services and comprehensive SW solutions for the financial, telcom and public sectors. For more information about AEC, check out www.aec.cz.

About Cleverlance Group, a. s.

The Cleverlance Group comprises several Czech companies operating on an international level providing consultation and comprehensive software services to the financial and telecommunication sectors above all. The company assists its customers acquire and expand competitive advantages through the effective delivery of clever IT solutions. This it is able to do thanks to its in-depth knowledge of its customers’ business environment, the expertise of its project teams, and its range of TI products. The largest member of the group, Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions, provides consultancy services and supplies software solutions with an emphasis on sales support and communication. The affiliates TrustPort and AEC expand the portfolio by services in the sphere of information systems security and top-end security products, and CTS in the sphere of investment banking. The development of software products is covered by Cleverlance H2B. The Cleverlance Group comprises a team of more than 400 top-class specialists. More information about the Cleverlance Group is available at www.cleverlance.com.