Cleverlance gets eShop up and running for Sberbank CZ in only two months

Customers of Sberbank CZ now have the Sberbank eShop application at their disposal, which Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions was able to deliver in just under two months. Rolling out eShop is part of the long-term retail strategy that Sberbank unveiled at the end of last year.

A public tender was held in January that was won by Cleverlance, and work began on the project in February. The fact that Sberbank already had a business plan up and ready to go meant that analysis and development could be carried out very quickly, and testing and implementation took place during March. Sberbank customers have been able to use the eShop since 7 April 2014. The first products being offered by the eShop are loans and consolidation loans. Other products will gradually be added with the aim of offering the bank’s clients all retail products online.

Leaving aside how quickly the first stage of implementation went, the Sberbank eShop application is also interesting in that it is functionally connected to the entire processing of loan applications in the bank. This means it provides customers with up-to-date information on the state of their application at all times. The entire process begins with the submission of an application in the eShop. Sberbank contacts the applicant by return to arrange a visit by courier, to whom the customer submits the necessary documents in a place of their choice and signs a draft agreement. The courier then delivers everything for processing. If everything proceeds smoothly, on day three Sberbank will transfer money to the client’s account. A similar procedure applies in the case of debt consolidation, a service that Sberbank is one of the first banks in the Czech Republic to be offering online. The new eShop is extremely customer friendly, and this fact, along with the short time taken over processing applications, represents a crucial element in the project’s success.

“The possibility of arranging a loan online appeals to 70% of clients and we wanted to cater to their needs as soon as possible. It was therefore crucial that Cleverlance be capable of meeting the deadline agreed on. Their flexible approach to the project meant that Cleverlance provided us a new, top quality online channel – the eShop,” said Jaroslav Ševela, Head of Alternative & Digital Channels, Sberbank CZ.

“We’re really pleased that Sberbank chose to cooperate with Cleverlance on the expansion of its activities in the Czech Republic. The work on the eShop was demanding, but the outputs exceeded all expectations and meet the requirements set by Sberbank,” added Petr Brňák, Key Account Manager, Cleverlance.

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