Cleverlance is declared Visionary of the Year 2013

Cleverlance H2B, a member of the Cleverlance Group, has been awarded the prize of Visionary 2013. For the third year running the association CzechInno and its partners have recognised innovative achievements in the Czech business environment involving an important social, technological or economic benefit within the framework of the project Visionaries 2013. This project is being implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the CR. All four prize-winners will receive significant sales and marketing support for their innovative endeavours, and other companies were given an honourable mention.

Cleverlance H2B was awarded the prize by the specialist judging panel for its technological contribution to the utilisation of information technology in financial services. The company has developed instruments for the fast prototyping of Sm@rtClient software applications, which it put onto the market under the name FSPL (Financial Services Production Line). This offers a completed “developmental line” for the design, implementation and operation of applications. FSPL is a platform based on the principle of the modelling of the requisite functionality. This allows business knowhow to be separated from technology, which in turn significantly prolongs the service life of critical business applications.

FSPL is a solution that covers all communication channels (internet, mobile devices, contact centres, IVR, etc.). It enables individual company departments to cooperate smoothly on the design, development, installation, operation and updating of software. Communication between sales divisions and IT is clear and controllable. This leads to considerable cost savings and a shortening of the time spent on the creation, operation and maintenance of applications. The FSPL platform comprises, for example, the basis of the new multichannel banking service provided by Všeobecná úverová banka.

“We are thrilled to have received this prize, especially in connection with the product FSPL, for which this is the second award this year. This is a clear signal that we really know how to process innovative ideas professionally and deliver tangible outputs,” said Vladislav Němec, executive director of FSPL at Cleverlance.
More information regarding the other prize-winners in the project Visionaries 2013 is available in a press release put out by the federation CzechInno.


FSPL is a unique MDA (Model Driven Architecture) platform on the market that is supplied using comprehensive, tried-and-tested implementation methods to global financial and telecommunication companies.
The Cleverlance FSPL solution offers cost savings on development and maintenance. The fast growth in functionality is accompanied only by a limited increase in the complexity of the solution. It offers integrated development for all sales, communication and service channels in the direction of customers and partners. It increases the service life of applications several times over. It allows for comprehensive supervision of the lifecycle of all applications, from the birth of a business model, via its implementation, to operating support of an application. The independence of an application’s business model on technology allows for a transfer to new technology for a fraction of standard costs. These savings are also apparent during the preparation of new projects and changes to already installed applications.

Visionaries 2013

The purposes of the project Visionaries 2013 is to mobilise the innovative potential of small and medium-sized Czech enterprises and to assist in the successful commercialisation of innovative ideas they have come up with. The project is based on the European-wide strategy EU 2020 and the International Competitiveness of the CR Strategy 2012 – 2020, in which innovation and a shift in the direction of a knowledge economy plays an important role as a way of increasing the competitiveness of Czech firms.

About the Cleverlance Group a. s.

The Cleverlance Group includes the subsidiaries Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions a. s., TrustPort, a. s., AEC a. s., CTS TRADE IT a. s. and Cleverlance H2B a. s. Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions is the leading Czech supplier of IT consultancy services and comprehensive SW solutions for the financial, telecommunications and public sector. TrustPort and AEC expand the portfolio by services in the sphere of information systems security and top-class security products. CTS operates in the sphere of investment banking. Cleverlance H2B occupies the function of technological incubator for innovative products and their introduction into practice.
More information about the Cleverlance Group is available at www.cleverlance.com.