Cleverlance buys first electric vehicle thus starting reduction of its carbon footprint

​The Czech technology company Cleverlance has bought the first fully electric vehicle, a Škoda Enyaq, for its fleet. In relation to its participation in the MONITORING/REDUCING C​O2 programme, the company is therefore starting to actively manage the direct impact of its activity on the environment.

ŠKODA Auto launched official sale of its first fully electric SUV on 13 May 2021. On this occasion, Jiří Voldán who manages delivery of software projects in Cleverlance, took part in a handover ceremony, accepting the keys to an Enyaq iV 60 on behalf of the company at Autokomplex Menčík. Among other things, his team is responsible for development and testing applications in the automotive segment.


"Thanks to this new car in our fleet, our colleagues from development and testing will not be dependent on simulators or renting vehicles, a fact which will significantly streamline their work and help to maintain the high standard or quality and security of the applications we deliver", says Jiří Voldán Executive Director for Solutions Delivery at Cleverlance.

Members of the test team also participated symbolically on behalf of Cleverlance, demonstrating how testing of a mobile application for controlling a vehicle is performed. Together with the onset of electromobility, customer interest in "connected car" applications connected via the internet with the vehicle is also growing. New functions are being added, development of which represents the path, as it were, to the future. Vehicle manufacturers place great emphasis on the reliability and security of connected applications, and this is one of the roles that Cleverlance plays.

For Cleverlance, buying this new vehicle also constitutes an important step towards reduction of its carbon footprint, this being the first electric vehicle in the company’s fleet. Cleverlance places long-term emphasis on sustainability. The company holds ISO 14001 certification (Environmental Management System), chooses offices in low-energy buildings and places emphasis on supply of clean electricity with a guarantee of origin. This year, it also started to participate in the MONITORING/REDUCING CO2 programme and is the first of the leading Czech IT companies to espouse carbon responsibility.
"This is a logical step for Cleverlance, because the majority of products delivered to our clients have already been contributing towards digital transformation for several years now and therefore also towards reduction of their carbon footprints," adds Jiří Voldán from Cleverlance.

About Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions:

​Cleverlance is a leading Czech provider of IT services, information systems, and web and mobile applications, including virtual reality, especially in the finance, telecommunications, automotive, and public administration sectors. Cleverlance was established in 2000 and at present, its team consists of more than 800 specialists ready to meet the requirements regarding the specification, analysis, design, development, and implementation of software applications, as well as project management, security, support or a complete outsourcing of information systems.
Since 2019, Cleverlance has been a part of Aricoma Group, the largest ICT holding in the Czech-Slovak region, providing complex ICT services to the enterprise sector through its respective members. The portfolio of individual companies in the Aricoma Group offers its customers all components key to the corporate IT. From data centres, advanced infrastructure, and cloud services, through information systems implementation, security services, and custom software development, all the way to outsourcing and system integration services. The group consists of prominent Czech and Slovak companies such as AUTOCONT, Cleverlance, AEC, Dataspring, clou4com, Komix ​and Internet Projekt, together with the Swedish Seavus. The companies in the group currently employ 3000 people and their overall revenue amounts to CZK 8.5 billion. Aricoma Group is a part of the KKCG investment group and as such, it presents the basis for the expansion of KKCG's ICT activities in Europe.