Cleverlance 2020: Turnover of almost 1.4 billion. Projects in digital transformation, banking and automotive.

​​​The consolidated turnover of the Czech technology company Cleverlance in 2020 reached the value of CZK 1.375 billion. Compared to 2019, this presents an increase of CZK 148 million; the year on year growth of Cleverlance is then put at 12%. Quite a noticeable EBITDA profit of CZK 167.6 million (compared to CZK 121 million in 2019) was, above all, a result of high demand in the sector of business process digital transformation during the coronavirus pandemic.

The ongoing trend of digital transformation in enterprises, which for many of them became the only means of survival in 2020, is the main factor standing behind the excellent results of Cleverlance. In 2020, Cleverlance was providing help to its customers in these matters by building digital business channels and using their company data to innovate their products and services.

Petr Štros, Clev​erlance CEO, comments on 2020 as follows : “Historically, the Czech Republic has been one of the leaders driving changes and new ideas regarding new applications of digital systems. In short, it has always been a trend setter and we intend to keep it that way in the future as well.” One of the outstanding projects in 2020 was, for example, the new online banking for Bank Creditas together with the overall IT transformation in the bank. The Multichannel solution provided by Cleverlance ensures that the bank’s clients receive a consistent and unified service across all typical online channels such as internet banking, mobile banking, call centre, branch network, external resellers, and other entities as well.

Cleverlance has innovated digital business channels for several of its customers, ranging from Czech and international banks to telecommunications companies and car manufacturers. Clients of Modrá pyramida can now open a building savings account directly in the mobile app, with no need to set foot in a branch. Since the introduction of “lockdown”, those interested in buying a Škoda car are no longer obliged to visit a showroom – they can use the Internet not only for buying newly manufactured cars, but also to select any of the used or stocked cars from the portfolio offered by individual dealers.

In 2020, Cleverlance continued its successful participation in several projects of the “Connected Car” category and took part in the creation of new services enabled by the ongoing digitization of modern vehicles as well as their connection to the Internet.

About Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions:

Cleverlance is a leading Czech provider of IT services, information systems, and web and mobile applications, including virtual reality, especially in the finance, telecommunications, automotive, and public administration sectors. Cleverlance was established in 2000 and at present, its team consists of more than 800 specialists ready to meet the requirements regarding the specification, analysis, design, development, and implementation of software applications, as well as project management, security, support or a complete outsourcing of information systems.

Since 2019, Cleverlance has been a part of Aricoma Group, the largest ICT holding in the Czech-Slovak region, providing complex ICT services to the enterprise sector through its respective members. The portfolio of individual companies in the Aricoma Group offers its customers all components key to the corporate IT. From data centres, advanced infrastructure, and cloud services, through information systems implementation, security services, and custom software development, all the way to outsourcing and system integration services. The group consists of prominent Czech and Slovak companies such as AUTOCONT, Cleverlance, AEC, Dataspring, clou4com, and Internet Projekt, together with the Swedish Seavus. The companies in the group currently employ 2,800 people and their overall revenue amounts to CZK 8 billion. Aricoma Group is a part of the KKCG investment group and as such, it presents the basis for the expansion of KKCG's ICT activities in Europe.