Cleverlance supports the startup “tageme”

At Cleverlance we offer opportunities even to beginner developers, and not only our internal developers. An ambitious Slovak technology startup brings a product to market that deals with lost items in an innovative way, without Bluetooth, batteries or applications. We’ve decided to support it.

If you can’t find your keys, you’ve left your suitcase at the airport, or your dog has run off and life is getting too much, a Slovak startup is offering a simple solution for you. It has created a product entitled “tageme”, whose software and hardware solutions differ from competing products. As opposed to Bluetooth trackers, which did not receive much praise in the sphere of lost & found, “tageme” is based on NFC technology and a QR code, and this ensures compatibility with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other operating systems. It’s therefore compatible with all smartphones. Neither you nor the finder need any special additional application. After reading the code or NFC chip, a direct, immediate and anonymous chat is launched between you and the finder of your lost item. You exchange messages with the finder via a secured cloud, i.e. there is no risk of personal data escaping or your identity being revealed. 

“Tageme” isn’t battery powered and so is constantly functional. The product is produced from antiallergenic, waterproof and highly resistant material. You can therefore use it on your dog, keys or suitcase. It is designed in bright colours that make it visible on any lost item.

The Slovak startup has created this innovative project with the aim of raising public awareness of a functional system of lost and found property. By means of different forms of remuneration, it wants to encourage finders to return lost items to their owners. Cleverlance is supporting this startup in the sphere of software testing and security.

The Slovaks are raising money through crowdfunding. For details, see indiegogo.com. If you would like to own this unique lost & found device, you can put in a pre-order at http://igg.me/at/tageme/x/8337080. At the same time you’ll be helping to put the Slovak startup on its feet.

You can find out more about the entire project here: http://igg.me/at/tageme/x/8337080  

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