​​Clever BSS

An amazing product for creating a virtual mobile operator. If no tariffs meet your requirements, create your own operator. It’s a piece of cake with BSS!


A solution for mobile virtual operators

Drawing on our many years of cooperation with mobile operators and knowledge of telecommunication issues we have developed a solution that allows a mobile virtual operator to enter the market fast while fully covering all key business spheres. The entire solution is broadly scalable both in terms of hardware and software. It not only ensures you have a fast start at an outstanding price-output ratio, but will continue to offer you complete satisfaction in the future when your firm has expanded several times over.​​

Our solution CleverBSS is a set of BSS applications (Business Support Systems) supporting telecommunication services, the processing of call data and work with the client. It is supplied as a standard readymade solution that is installed and adapted in stages to the specific needs of individual customers. Each stage lasts around two weeks and you have the chance to see immediately how the relevant part of the solution is operating and whether it fully meets your requirements. Even while the solution is being delivered you still have the opportunity to influence small details of the solution. 

Who is our solution aimed at:

Our solution is aimed at supporting various business models of telco operators:

  • Service Provider
  • Mobile Virtual Network Enabler​

The puzzle principle

CleverBSS is comprised of a set of independent modules that together cover all the business spheres of a regular telco operator. When implemented at a specific customer’s the solution can use all or some of these modules, or some can be replaced with the customer’s own system and integrated with CleverBSS. This puzzle system allows the optimum solution to be created that suits the situation in which a particular customer finds themselves, cuts costs, and simplifies integration with applications they are already operating.​


What do we cover?

  • Comprehensive customer service – CRM, Call Centre, IVR, SMS gateway​
  • Campaigns
  • Billing – retail and wholesale, prepaid cards and payments by invoice, the formatting of invoices, many valuation scenarios 
  • Product catalogue – definition of products, administration of telephone numbers and SIM cards 
  • Recharging
  • User creation of forms
  • Analytical and operational reporting
  • Quality control – comprehensive invoicing controls
  • Emphasis on security – certified by AEC, a leader in the sphere of security 
  • Fraud prevention – the use of internal scoring and external sources for controlling customers

Architecture and technology

  • A comprehensive set of BSS applications with a flexible modular conception – select according to your requirements​​
  • Broadly scalable components – start small and be prepared to grow
  • Industrial standards – easy connection to your systems
  • Certified modern technology (Java Spring, Apache Camel, web services, XML, etc.) 
  • Problem-free operations with low licence fees
  • High output, the fast processing of large data volumes
  • Guaranteed support for production on a 24x7 basis
  • Call centre operations​