​​​​​​Pension system

This system automates the activities of pension funds offering savings within the framework of the 2nd and 3rd pillars and grants them comprehensive, faster control over all agendas while reducing headcount.

Coverage of the entire agenda of a pension company

The CPS pension system covers the entire agenda of small and large pension companies. It was created by specialists with ten years’ experience, who wanted to significantly automate and simplify the daily agenda of a pensions company. The system is fully automatic, but allows for user interventions to make corrections and changes during processing.

​​The system comprises several modules that both cooperate with each other and communicate interactively with surrounding systems satisfying daily needs, such as banks, mail, electronic communication, DWH, CRM, MF, DMS, and mass printing.

For instance, the system covers everything from the automatic reading of statements and crediting contributions to a subscriber account, via the investment strategy chosen and investment in the appropriate funds, all the way to informing the client of amounts accrued.


Key advantages

  • user creation of benefits through assembling IS functionality
  • pre-defined reporting with the possibility of generating your own reports
  • print sets with the possibility of using your own print sets/collections
  • pre-defined roles and rights in the organisation of PS, with the possibility of creating your own roles and groups of rights
  • ergonomic appearance to the application for fast work in all agendas
  • integrated overview of the client and their products and services
  • automatic updating from central registers (debtors, organisations, etc.)
  • your own commission module with the possibility of transferring calculation source data for an external commission system
  • automatic processing of cooperation and execution, including checks on payment of benefits
  • modern communication channels for communication with subscribers
  • open system for integration with possible future agendas
  • parametric client segmentation with the possibility of subsequent actions for individual segments
  • internal DMS modules, print solution, with the possibility of a connection to central services within the framework of an organisation (two-way communications)
  • clear to read dashboards for a fast overview of planned activities and the management of teams


“The Cleverlance team caught our eye in the tender because of its professionalism, advanced technology, its emphasis on the business aspects of the system, and above all its guarantee to meet a very ambitious deadline. After 18 months of extremely intensive cooperation between the teams at ČSPS and Cleverlance, we’d acquired a completely new, modern system that replaced our original, now obsolete, solution. The key improvements are the level of automation, the user-friendliness and the performance of complex batch tasks. Even so a lot of work on new, either statutory or user modifications, awaits us and I hope that the outstanding cooperation we have forged with Cleverlance will continue in the future.”

Ing. Martin Kopejtko
Member of the Board of Directors responsible for client service management