We make smart connections between you and your information

Our strength lies in our ability to answer complicated questions as well as to generate predictions about how certain behavior will develop based on current and past data from the company.

We make smart connections between you and your information 

What we do

We manage more than documents. We manage smart information flow.




DMShttps://cleverlance.com/en/ecm/what-we-do/Pages/DMS.aspxDMSEfficient document management systems give you a clear overview of your documents and let you manage documents, workflow and data security in compliance with the legislation.
Advanced work with datahttps://cleverlance.com/en/ecm/what-we-do/Pages/automating.aspxAdvanced work with dataAnalyzing and understanding structured and especially unstructured data. Smart, automated processes for documents, requests, queries and orders.
Automated communicationhttps://cleverlance.com/en/ecm/what-we-do/Pages/Chatbots-Voicebots.aspxAutomated communicationWe communicate naturally with customers and take care of their needs in the applications they already have installed and know how to use.


ECM in numbers


We manage millions of documents. By consolidating storage systems, we also cut our clients’ costs by millions of Czech crowns each year.


99 %

That’s how much information we can extract from the machine printed text of your invoices and other structured documents. We can also extract over 80% of the information from forms filled out by hand..

Sample solutions




https://cleverlance.com/en/ecm/solutions/Pages/digital-contract-approval.aspx<h1>​​Digital contract approval system for a mobile operator</h1><p>We have built an efficient contract approval system based on IBM FileNet technology for the largest Czech mobile operator.</p><p>Our solution includes the proposed draft contract as a workflow attachment. The workflow we have implemented incorporates preparing and modifying the draft contract, multi-step approval, preparing unapproved contracts, and the final signature and scanning the signed original of the contract. </p><p>Users receive notifications through email reports during the whole process of preparing and approving the contract.<br><br></p>​<br><img alt="" src="/cz/PublishingImages/page-images/ecm/priklady-7.svg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />DMS;#WorkForce Management;#
https://cleverlance.com/en/ecm/solutions/Pages/dms-regional-capital-city.aspx<h1>​​We have built a secure data storage for a regional capital city<br></h1><p>The regional capital city hall needed a robust data storage for documents with straightforward system management. Cleverlance delivered a document management system based on IBM FileNet and IBM Content Collector for email archiving. </p><p>This system was built according to the city hall’s long-term strategy and the needs of the city itself. One major advantage of the solution we have implemented is the ease of integrating external applications with the IBM FileNet DMS solution.</p><p>This solution more than met the city hall’s expectations in updating its IT systems and also offered a wide array of options for scaling. </p> <br>​<br><img alt="" src="/cz/PublishingImages/page-images/ecm/priklady-2.svg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />DMS;#WorkForce Management;#Finanční instituce;#

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